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Throughout the history of the world, normal people have seen transformation through the power of prayer. Here at St Mark's we believe in the power of prayer and the value of joining with others across the globe to see God's kingdom here on earth.

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One the 2nd + 4th Wednesday of the month we gather together to pray. Whether you’ve been praying for years or have never prayed before, the heart behind these mornings is to go on a journey of growing in prayer as a community. We meet on zoom from 7AM and would love to see you there.

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As a Staff team we meet every morning and we would love to pray for you. No matter what reality you are in we believe nothing is too big or too small for God. Contact us and we will pray for you in our daily times of prayer.

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Here at St Mark's we have a desire to not only pray for our Church but to pray for the community around us. We encourage all of you to pray for your street! Ask one of the members of staff at one of our Sunday Services.


We love to meet before our 11AM service at 10:15AM to come together and pray together. As we think and pray into our gatherings together, we also seek to hear God's voice and what he is saying to us, for indivudualy and as as a church.

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