our history

Welcome to St. Mark's! Here you can read about our history, when the church was built and what we used to look like!


St. Mark's church was built by the firm of Dove Bros Builders of Arundel Square for only £5,000 in 1853-54! The architect was Alexander Dick Gough of Lancaster Place who was also the architect for St. Anne's in Poole's Park!

St. Mark's is a Grade II Listed Building.

There were 10 vicars within the first 100 years of St. Mark's and this picture to the left is of St. Mark's church in the 1930s!

Scroll through our photo gallery to see images of St. Mark's from 1940s through to early 2000s!

St. Mark's now

St. Mark's celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 2004 and up until 2019 formed one third of the Tollington Parish. This consisted of three churches in the Finsbury Park area; St. Saviour's, Emmanuel Holloway and St. Mark's. The three churches have recently split into three separate parishes yet will remain as a group. The Tollington Parish has seen hundreds of people come through it's doors each week, especially during the Christmas season and hopes to continue in its vision to transform Tollington!