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Hiring Agreement

Conditions of Hire:
  1. The maximum capacity for standing only events for the Lower Hall is 60 in each half with the shutters closed. This is increased to a total of 140 with the shutters open.

  2. The maximum capacity for seated events with tables is dependent on the size and layout of the room, but for guidance for the Lower Hall is 36 in each half with the shutters closed. This is increased to a total of 84 with the shutters open.

  3. The maximum capacity for standing only events for the Upper Hall is 50 in each half with the shutters closed. This is increased to a total of 120 with the shutters open.

  4. The maximum capacity for seated events with tables is dependent on the size and layout of the room, but for guidance for the Upper Hall is 34 in each half with the shutters closed. This is increased to a total of 75 with the shutters open.

  5. The hirer must not exceed these limits at any time.

  6. Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building.

  7. No part of the Building is licensed for public performances, public dances, public discotheques or the sale of alcohol.  The PCC does not have a licence for performance of any work in which copyright subsists (including, in particular, any work in respect of which the copyright is vested in Performing Right Society Limited, Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited, PRS for Music Limited or Phonographic Performance Limited), and accordingly the Hirer shall not perform any such work or allow it to be performed in the Space without having obtained permission for such performance from the copyright owner.  The consumption of alcohol, and the playing of amplified music on anything louder than a portable CD/cassette player, are prohibited in the Building, or on church land outside the Building, including the entrance areas or gardens.

  8. The Hirer must ensure that the sound level from all activities in the course of the Hiring is kept low enough not to disturb any neighbours, including (without limitation) people in the Vicarage (1 Moray Road), or the flat above the Hall (1a Moray Road). 

  9. Guests must not disturb people in the neighbouring house, or the flat above, especially when standing outside the Hall or leaving it.

  10. The Hirer does not have access to parts of the Building that have not been booked, including the other Halls, the Church and the kitchens.

  11. All Hiring’s must finish by 10pm, inclusive of enough time for cleaning up.

  12. The Hire Period must include any time required for setting up beforehand and clearing up afterwards.  The Hirer may not enter the Space before the beginning of the Hire Period. 

  13. At the time of booking, all Hiring’s must be accompanied by a £50 Deposit. The Deposit is security for performance of the Hirer’s obligations under these Conditions, including (without limitation) its duties to look after the Space, the Building and the PCC’s property in them; to leave them on time and in as clean and tidy a condition as they were when the agreed Hire Period began; and to pay any sum or sums due under Condition 36.

  14. No hiring is firm until payment is made of the Hire Charge and the Deposit in full.

  15. Payment of the Hire Charge must be made either (1) in cash; or (2) by bank transfer to the account provided.

  16. The PCC reserves the right in exceptional circumstances to cancel a booking.  In that event the PCC will offer an alternative booking time.  If this is unacceptable, the Hire Charge and the Deposit will be refunded in full.  

  17. Representatives of the PCC are entitled to access to all parts of the Space at all times during the Hiring without notice.

  18. The Hirer is responsible for supervision and security of the Space, protection of the fabric and contents from damage and the behaviour of all persons using the Space with their permission, including proper supervision of car parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction of the highway.

  19. The Hirer must ensure the proper and safe supervision of children in the course of the Hiring, including and especially outside the Building and the Hall doors, and also on the streets outside the premises.  Children under 12 are not allowed in the kitchen at any time; those aged 12 or over are only allowed there under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.  Children are not permitted to play in the area outside the Hall doors, on the stairs, or anywhere which may restrict the fire exits. The Hirer must ensure that children do not throw stones or gravel. The Hirer must ensure that children do not play unsupervised on the pavement, or disturb neighbours

  20. The PCC regards the safe care and protection of children as of the utmost importance.  Hirers are expected to share this concern and make appropriate provision for the protection of children within their care.  The Hirer shall abide by the PCC’s Safeguarding Policy, copied at the end of these Conditions, and acknowledges that this Policy has been seen and will be adhered to and that all concerns about children, young people and vulnerable adults will be reported to the relevant statutory authority.  If the Hirer has its own safeguarding policy, it must provide the PCC with a copy of it and any replacement of it or amendment to it taking effect from time to time while this Agreement is in force.

  21. The Hirer is responsible for obtaining any Local Authority or other licences necessary in connection with the Hiring.

  22. If selling goods in the course of the Hiring, the Hirer must comply with all relevant fair-trading laws and any local code of practice in connection with such sales.

  23. The Hirer is responsible for the observance by all persons in the course of the Hiring of any other laws or regulations affecting the premises imposed by Licensing Justices, the Fire Authority, the Local Authority or otherwise and must do nothing to contravene the laws of betting, gaming and lotteries.

  24. The Hirer must make adequate arrangements to insure against third party claims which may lie against the Hirer and/or his organisation in the course of or arising from the Hiring.

  25. The Hirer must not sub-license the Space or any part of it or use it or any part of it for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way, or bring onto it anything which may endanger it, any other users, or insurance policies relating thereto.

  26. No electrical equipment or outlet available in the Space may be altered, modified or tampered with in any way.  As for electrical equipment and appliances belonging to or proposed to be used by the Hirer: 

    1. Small electrical kitchen appliances and equipment may be used.  

    2. The use of any other electrical equipment is subject to the express prior written permission of the PCC.  

    3. All such electrical appliances and equipment must be visually inspected for damage and safety prior to use and must comply with applicable safety legislation.

  27. Portable gas appliances or other equipment involving a naked flame are not permitted.

  28. The Hirer must notify the PCC about accidents, injuries, damage and/or breakages occurring in the course of the Hiring and must indemnify the PCC in respect of any damage done to any part of the Building or anything in it which belongs to the PCC, and in respect of any liability to any third party or otherwise, arising in the course of the Hiring where the act or omission which occasioned the damage or liability was that of the Hirer or any other person present with the Hirer’s permission.

  29. Adhesive tape or drawing pins must not be used to affix anything to the walls or woodwork.  Cautious use of ‘blu-tac’ is acceptable.  Hirers must ensure that surfaces are left clean and that paints and other materials are removed after art activities.

  30. Valuables must not be left anywhere on the premises, even if locked away in cupboards.  The PCC accepts no responsibility for the loss of personal possessions or injury sustained to any persons while in the Building, or in the external grounds including the car parking area.

  31. A First Aid box is located in each of the Hall kitchens. These may be used for first aid on a self-help basis, unless there is a willing trained first aider present. Any accidents must be recorded on the accident sheets provided, and then to the Church Office at the first time possible.

  32. Hirers:

    • must familiarise themselves with and observe fire regulations and notices displayed in the Building (including designated fire exits, exit routes and the assembly point);

    • must have an immediate means of contacting the emergency services available to them at all times;

    • must ensure that all designated fire exits are at all times kept clear of any obstructions, including pushchairs and buggies;

    • are responsible for the safety of all persons using the Space with their permission;

    • in case of an emergency, must ensure (if it is safe to do so) that all such persons have safely vacated the Building and, in particular, that any disabled persons without their own helpers receive appropriate assistance if evacuating via the garden; and must report to the senior person at the assembly point whether or not each such person has safely evacuated the Building;

    • must call the Fire Brigade out to any outbreak of fire, however slight, and report the incident to the Vicar if home at 1 Moray Road, or at the earliest time possible to the PCC. 

    • Fire extinguishers are located in all areas according to risk. They are provided in case needed to save life. You are required in the event of any fire, to immediately vacate the premises, and only fight the fire, if necessary, to save life.​

  33. Items may only be stored in the Space or elsewhere in the Building with the prior agreement of the PCC.  In particular:

    • Highly flammable substances are not permitted in the Building, or on church land outside the Building, including the entrance areas, and garden area.  

    • No cleaning materials or substances may be used other than those provided, and is limited to washing up liquid, antibacterial disinfectant and hand cleaner.  After use, all such material must be returned to its original position. 

    • Toys may only be brought into the Building or used in it if they are and remain (i) undamaged, (ii) in a hygienic condition, (iii) suitable for the age group for whom they are intended and (iv) (if stored in the Building) not available to anyone else except on condition that requirements (i)-(iii) above are complied with.  Periodic checks must be carried out to ensure continuing compliance with requirements (i)-(iv) above.  

  34. If, and only if the Space includes the kitchen, the Hirer may use the cooker, microwave and/or fridge, but only on condition that:

    • No food or drink may be put or left in the fridge after its use-by or best-before date;

    • Any perishable item, including any item with no use-by or best-before date, put in the fridge during a function or session must be removed at or before the end of the function or session;

    • The PCC may remove any item left in the fridge in contravention of (a), or (b) above and dispose of it without notice to the Hirer;

    • The fridge is only used if the temperature recorded on the thermometer in the fridge is 5°C or less when opening the fridge for the first time;

    • If any food is cooked, reheated and/or hot held in the Building:

      • Checks (including those above) and are carried out in accordance with the procedure outlined in the red ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ file;

      • Clean clothes are worn by all persons serving such food; 

      • No such food is served unless the core temperature has been tested, using a temperature probe or otherwise, and found to be 75°C = 167°F or above and such food, once removed from the cooker or microwave, is served within 2 hours or hot held at not less than 63°C = 146°F ; and

      • All other relevant guidance about cooking in ‘Safer Food, Better Business’ is observed.

  35. By no later than the end of each session, the Hirer must ensure that:

    • All floors in the Space have been mopped or swept clean as appropriate.

    • All the Hirer’s equipment and property, including all food and waste, have been removed.

    • All furniture and equipment (including, if the Space includes the kitchen, any crockery, cutlery or other items in the kitchen) which were situated in the Space when the session began have been returned to their original position.

    • The remainder of the interior of the premises, and the exterior, are in at least as clean and tidy a condition as they were when the session began and, if any use has been made of the kitchen, all food contact surfaces and other areas within the kitchen have been cleaned with sanitising surface spray in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    • All external doors and windows have been secured.

    • The toilets, kitchen and all doors including fire doors must be carefully inspected, includingchecking that all taps and lights have been turned off and that, in order to contain any fire, the doors between the lobby and the hall and the kitchen doors and shutters have been closed.

  36. The Hirer will pay the PCC an additional charge at the hourly hire rate applicable under the Agreement for each hour or part of an hour before commencement and/or after expiration of the agreed Hire Period during which either (a) any part of the Space made available to the Hirer is used or retained by the Hirer and/or (b) any representative of the PCC is engaged in remedying any breach by the Hirer of its obligations referred to in Condition 13.  Any additional charge due under this Condition may be deducted from the Deposit.

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